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You’re NOT a Social Media Pro.

Social Media Marketing while it might seem hip and trendy, but many non-profits don’t know how to use social media effectively, don’t engage with the right influencers, and don’t set growth goals.

Put Social Change Media in charge and you’ll get daily updates across your social channels, a curation of content from your circle of influencers, thank you messages to your sponsors, cross-promotion of your partners, and much more. Be heard by the people who matter and give back to the community.

All this without the headache of managing it all yourself.

Why Choose Us? We Know Social Media

Get More Traffic

Get More Traffic

From Audience Building to content management, conversations to getting traffic to land on your site, we’ve got it covered for you.

Be a Leader

Be a Leader

We know how to raise your profile so that you’re seen as a thought leader in your space. Consistency is key in building credibility.

Convert potential Leads

Convert potential Leads

Turn great leads turn into donor, volunteers, and newsletter signups. We warm them up for you.

Be The Industry Authority

Be The Industry Authority

We’ll promote upcoming events, blog posts and content from your website.

Claim Back Your Time

Claim Back Your Time

Social media is 24/7 but with SCM managing it for you, you don’t have to be. Everything is done for you.

Custom Brand Design

Custom Brand Design

We’ll make you look like a social superstar ensuring your non-profit branding, profile images and content are both consistent & and outstanding.

Now You Can Make a Big Impact Even With a Small Budget

If a non-profit organization were to hire a social media manager the going salary range for a full-timer is anywhere from $32, 000 to $50, 000 per year.

That’s 3k to 4k a month, plus benefits, an office – it’s expensive!

Non-profits often work with small budgets and most social marketing agency services aren’t affordable.
We keep your social media profiles active and get the word out – cheaper, faster, and easier. Sit back and breathe as you’ve gained peace of mind, knowing that an expert has your back! We also offer a full-range of digital marketing services including



Google AdWords Grants Management

For Non-profits Only
  • Account Set up
  • Google Analytics Tracking
  • Volunteer SignUp Goal
  • Newsletter SignUp Goal
  • Donation Goal
  • Monitoring of numbers
  • Biweekly campaign updates
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Facebook Ads Management

  • Custom post graphics
  • Custom Advertising Plan
  • Campaign Setup
  • Weekly Management
  • Support
  • Drive brand awarenesss, engage your followers, and build traffic and conversions on your website.
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Training & Consulting

Tailored Pricing
  • Social Media Measurement and Management
  • Google Analytics to measure impact
  • Google AdWords Grant management – includes access to our online course
  • Turning data into action – theory and practice of data driven impact
  • Content Marketing and SEO for impact
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Totally Happy Clients

Working with Jessica was an overwhelmingly positive experience.

Jess was hired to grow Earth Day Canada’s social media presence and engage a national environmental audience during the ” Earth Day Every Day” campaign, a national framework that helps Canadians reduce their carbon footprint 20% by 2020.

From the start, Jessica intuitively understood the task at hand and was able to compose, review and execute a well-organized, creative and effective social media campaign. Metric reports were well prepared, and showed consistent high performing posts that increased engagement and continued growth of Earth Day’s social media base.

She exceeded my expectations in developing an effective, visual and highly engaging social media strategy.

Rebecca Black, SCM Client

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